3 Signs You Are In A Situationship Instead Of A Relationship

What Is A Situationship?

A situationship is when you talk for a while and feelings progress, but the relationship doesn’t.

3 Signs You Are In A Situationship

1You meet someone, you like them, they like you, you have sex and they say they aren’t ready for a relationship.

2You’ve been talking for a while, neither of you is interested in seeing other people but they are not willing to commit to a relationship.

3They are not inviting you to do things out in public and aren’t interested in introducing you to friends and family. Your time spent together consists of texting and booty calls.

What To Do If You Want A Relationship

Sit them down, communicate your desire for a relationship and if that doesn’t work for them, move on to find someone who can match your energy and commitment for a relationship.


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