4 Important Questions To Ask Before You Book Your Senior Photographer

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You found the perfect photographer that takes beautiful photos and you can’t wait to sign your senior up for the perfect photo session. Here are four questions to ask prior to booking your session.

How Much Do They Cost?

This seems like a given right? For many photographers, a deposit is required and there is a minimum purchase price for photos. Ask for a pricing sheet and look at the packages. Do you like what they offer or are there things that are important to you that you aren’t able to get without spending a fortune. Also, if you have girls, do they have a hair and make-up artist they typically use? What is the price for that?

Social Media Posts

This is a big one. Teens love to post on social media. Does the photographer allow this? Is there a minimum requirement in order to have access to those photos. Do you need to tag them in your posts or only post photos with a watermark. Some photographers allow more freedom than others. Be sure to inquire about this.

How Many Outfit Changes?

Depending on your teen, they may or may not embrace a lot of outfit changes. Some photographers allow up to five outfit changes. Is this something your teen will embrace or will it be dreadful coming up with that many outfits? Would they prefer maybe three – their typical day style, a dressed up pic for Mom and maybe a shot of them playing a sport, a picture at home with their pet, or posing with their car. Inquire about options.

Shoot Days?

What days do they prefer to take pictures? Some senior photographers only work during the week, others prefer Sundays. Clarify to make sure their schedule works with that of your teen and you.

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