4 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Senior Photographer

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Photo Editing

First and foremost when you look at their photos on their website and Facebook pages, do they appear over edited or do the students still look like themselves? Some photographers really over edit the eyes and if you see pictures of someone you know and they don’t look like themselves, it’s a good chance there has been some major over editing going on. Enhancing the photo is okay, but making the person unrecognizable is not really what you want for your teen’s senior photos.


When you look at the photos, do you like the locations they choose. Is there a mix of options that would work for your teens personality. Does your teen like what they see? Does everyone’s pictures look the same?


If your senior would like football photos or soccer or maybe a photo with their horse, is this something that photographer does?


Talk to people. Ask around – the photos may be beautiful, but what was their experience throughout the entire process. Were they organized, on time, did their senior feel comfortable, did they provide the product they were expecting. This is important information to know. Reach out to friends who may have used this photographer in the past.

Senior photos are an investment and should be a fun experience. Do not hesitate to check out a variety of photographers and ask a lot of questions!

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