After Breakup Instagram Captions

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Breakups are tough, but so are you. Time to call the girls, get out, and distract yourself from the variety of feelings that a breakup can bring. Ready to let the world know about your new-found single status? Snap a fire pic, add a clever breakup Instagram caption and let your friends hype you up. Check out our favorite post-breakup captions below.

After Breakup Instagram Captions

  • adjusting just fine
  • and she’s back
  • as good as it gets
  • bouncing back
  • boy thought he broke me
  • but I mean it’s whatever
  • could’ve had a bad b…
  • don’t text
  • gtg see you never
  • happily ever never
  • how it’s gotta be
  • I know my place and it ain’t with you
  • if anyone asks, we’re just friends
  • it’s not me, it’s you
  • it’s unfortunate you couldn’t keep me
  • just another name on the hit list
  • just did my spring cleaning
  • livin’ for me
  • long gone
  • middle fingers up, tell that boy bye
  • miss independent
  • missin’ out
  • my win, your loss
  • nice knowing you
  • no looking back
  • no more distractions
  • no other like me
  • not a loss if it wasn’t worth keeping
  • she could never
  • shifting my focus
  • things I don’t chase: men and liquor
  • tried to buy my heart, but the price was too high
  • unfazed
  • ur loss
  • wait…who?
  • what’s it like without me by your side?
  • you do you. I’ll do better
  • you glow different when you put yourself first
  • #overit

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