Essential Tips For Choosing The Correct Size Area Rug For Each Room in Your Home

rug in the middle of the room

One of the challenges of buying area rugs, is people tend to buy rugs that are too small for their space. Once you’ve established your furniture placement, then you can measure to determine the size of your rug. Use the tips below to make sure you buy an area rug large enough for your space.

Living Room Area Rugs

The rug should be large enough to fit completely underneath each piece of furniture or 3/4 of the front of each piece of furniture.


Dining Room Area Rugs

Make sure the rug is large enough such that when the chairs are pulled out from the table they are still on the rug.

Bedroom Area Rugs

When it comes to bedroom rugs, the same theory applies as with living rooms – either all of the furniture should be on the rug or the rug should be placed just in front of the nightstands and extend beyond the end of the bed.

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